Real quick, Real-Time software for better communication between hotels and guests.

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All in one proprietary Hotel platform.

Hotel guests will be able to request housekeeping, room service, valet or any service the hotel or resort provides.


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Real time updates

Receive real-time service requests for each department from your hotel guests.
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Streamline employee productivity

Employee operations & work flow becomes seamless with real-time task notifications to complete.
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Increase revenue

Increase sales through services provided such as room service, valet, luxury items, etc.
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Reduce unwanted errors

Staff members no longer have to relay every message or request being made to the correct department prior to completing each task.
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Outbound phone calls now become inbound text notifications

Real-time notifications allow hotel staff members to complete multiple tasks with a click of a button.
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Save time and reduce labor hours

Save time & money by reducing the amount of labor hours needed to complete each task.


What You Get

Free Kiosks

Installation for each department

Increase Productivity

User roles for each staff member

Increase Revenue

Built-in Analytics